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The Samsung 360 Round is a high-quality 360° professional VR camera for creating and live-streaming 4K 3D content to deliver an exceptional virtual reality experience. It’s durable, compact design features IP65 water and dust resistance1 for use in everyday weather conditions. With PC software included for controlling and stitching, and expandable connectors and ports for easily connecting additional equipment, the 360 Round provides long lasting shooting for any sized job.

  • High-quality 360 video content with 4K 3D images plus virtually seamless live VR streaming
  • Built for hours of continuous shooting with a compact, uni-body chassis designed to reduce heat and power consumption
  • IP65 water and dust resistance1 to capture content in the most challenging work environments
  • Expandable connectors and ports to easily and quickly connect additional equipment

High-Quality 360 Video Content

The 360 Round offers high-quality 3D images with a 4K camera, thanks to 17 paired lenses that capture a 360-degree view for 3D experience. Plus, 6 internal microphones for spatial audio support high-quality sound, perfect for film and broadcasting.

Compact, Uni-Body Design

The uni-body chassis is designed to reduce heat, removing the need for a cooling fan and minimizing size and weight. The compact design helps eliminate excess noise and reduce power consumption for hours of continuous shooting on the job.

Virtually Seamless Live Streaming

The 360 Round enables live streaming with little latency² and makes broadcasting easier than ever with professional one step stitching and control software provided by Samsung.

IP65 Water & Dust Resistant Durability

IP65 water and dust resistance¹ make the 360 Round an ideal choice for capturing content in the most challenging work environments.

Versatile Expandability

With expandable connectors and ports, you can easily and quickly connect to additional equipment, such as an external mic or external storage for saving large files.

Granular Controls

Make your best content with the included Samsung software for previewing, changing camera setting values, post stitching and playback and more.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in

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